The Genasys range of services, including training, project management and account management, ensures that your products run smoothly from the date of launch.

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Project Management

The Genasys PMO ensures that only the best quality standard is kept throughout all projects by having in place specific quality control processes.

Dedicated project management office (PMO)

A project management office, abbreviated to PMO, is a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.

The benefits of PMO

Our PMO increases the accuracy of the budgeting, resourcing and scheduling of projects. Through increased accuracy and transparency, we ensure a high success rate with each project, and that the teams involved are consistent in their execution. Inevitably, improved accuracy will result in a saving on costs.

Three levels of functionality

1. The strategic alignment to our clients. 2. The tactical close integration between project initiatives and teams. 3. The continual operational improvement in processes. The standardisation of all projects allows us to manage, track and report on projects more effectively, which helps with the decision-making process. Our PMO utilises Web Based project Management tools, so we can send reports to clients immediately.

Agile development team

We use agile software development technologies, including scrumban (scrum and Kanban combination), scrum and a form of waterfall, to deliver the highest-quality software.

Quality is the key

Our support department employs scrumban, using a Kanban board, to manage all client change requests. By doing this in sprints, we ensure the highest possible delivery and output. Project delivery and client changes are managed using mostly scrum. We have built translation methods for clients who still use a waterfall approach in their software development, which enables us to make the software development journey together.

Benefits of agile development

We grow our software with our clients, not because of them. Aligning our clients’ expectations and goals with ours increases the speed and quality of delivery, which enables them to be first-movers in their industry. Our agile manifesto forms the cornerstone of all development by the Genasys team, through which we can efficiently deliver solutions to our clients, lowering their total cost of ownership.

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Account management and support

Our account management team manages all client relationships and change requests, and helps clients fully utilise our system. A key objective is to better understand your company’s strategy and to ensure that we are aligned with your requirements. We work with our clients as in a partnership to facilitate a healthy and productive relationship.


Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech

Employee Development

The Genasys Training Academy offers competency-based training solutions for the development of your employees. It provides each trainee the capacity and capability to perform at their best. The academy is committed to delivering a personalised and professional service. The Genasys team currently oversees training for the SKi® desktop application and other associated applications. Training courses include the Underwriting, Claims and Financial sections of the SKi® desktop application, as well as the ad-hoc applications that complete the SKi® product.

Structured Courses

Courses can be shaped to fit your business processes, and, as an added benefit, the academy offers online assessments to validate user knowledge of the system. We provide each learner with an outcome report.