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Our products are made for insurers, MGAs and brokers, and is compatible with personal, commercial, life and corporate lines. Service delivery is of the utmost importance to us and every project goes live within the specified timeline and budget.

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SKi® Platform

The SKi® platform together with the SKi® toolset provides a powerful enabler for any insurance business looking for the right software platform to support their growth and strategic initiatives.

Connecting businesses

In recognising that insurers don’t operate alone, we’ve built integration layers that enable third-party integrations. This facilitates business operations across borders, so your partners have direct access to your core business via controlled access methods.

Powerful engine features

The true power of the platform lies in the architecture, into which we built the core insurance principles of our software.

SKi Features

SKi® supports all kinds of insurance businesses from insurers and MGAs to brokers and third party administrators. And it supports multiple product lines across personal commercial lines as well as life and medical and even contract subscriptions running for defined periods. And because we understand difference businesses have different needs, SKi® comprises various different modules allowing you to pick and choose – and pay for – the elements that you need.


SKi® APIs enabling your digital customer journey. One of the biggest benefits of using our SKi® Product is its rich API layer. You know your customer best. With our APIs you can control your customer journey and user experience, while we handle the back end rating, policy admin and claims.

These features integrate

Reinsurance • Claims administration • Web portals • Bordereaux business • Comparative quoting • Multi-level commission structures • DocMail • Documents Management System • Dynamic Rating Engine • Accord Integration Ready • Claim aggregates • Financial and operational reporting • 4Web • GDPR Compliance

Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech


Genasys 4Insure was designed specifically with the Insurer and MGA business models in mind, and leverages our very successful, stable and scalable SKi® platform. Brokers can easily view the progress on claim status and claim payments to answer client queries immediately via the web portals, which can be embedded into websites. Additional web services enable custom web and mobile interface development. The integration to BUILD – a Genasys web-based product designer and configuration suite, in which products can be defined quickly and from anywhere – enables quick-to-market product development.

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Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech


4Web is built on responsive web technologies, which allows any modern web browser or mobile device to access key back-office functions from anywhere in the world.

Stay connected

4Web enables brokerages, administrators and insurers to connect partners with your business to advance the operations of the sales channel, which will help with speedy quotation, and the sale of products. This software also activates first notification of loss and claim tracking without exposing your administration platform.

Instant access from anywhere in the world

You can access back-office functions from your PC or smartphone from anywhere in the world. 4Web also extends the functions of 4Broker, 4Insure and SKi® Enterprise Policy Administration platforms to users. The 4Web software also simplifies the quoting process of products to an internal workforce, such as a call-centre, or an external workforce, including brokers and sales partners.

These features integrate

• Complex comparative product quotes • Mobile device compatible • First notification of loss • Broker dashboard • Broker claim management • User quote management • Quote documents • Verification of cover • Straight Through processing • View claim summary • Adding of claim memos • Claim diaries • Upload documents • Claim status tracking • Claim payment status tracking • Secure and encrypted communication • Integration to 4Broker, 4Insure or SKi® user security • Single risk product quotes

Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech


• Rapid Product development and deployment • Business Analyst focused and not technical • Central repository of product • Integrated Claims configuration • Simple Rating module functionality built in • Product visualisation prior to deployment • Downloadable specification for business sign off • Integrated test plans to Facilitate QA and UAT • Version Controlled

We tailor our products to suit your unique business needs.
Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech


SKiHost is a complete software as a service (SaaS) solution and comes with a set of pre-configured products for personal, commercial, corporate lines and life.

A complete management system

SKiHost® is a cloud-based solution designed specifically for the broker. For a broker to stay truly independent – and compliant – in this dynamic and challenging market, while continuing to deliver quality service to clients, you need an affordable insurance management system.

Handles all broker business

The technology is designed to handle the full underwriting and claims-mandated business that you are responsible for, including the full administration of these policies and claims. It also aligns with shell policies, where you can capture only the necessary information to minimise the hassles and pain of administration, while still managing full reporting on these policies.

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