Genasys Insurance Technology Solutions

Our solutions all employ zero-code tools, facilitating zero-code docs and zero-pro work, enabling product building through graphical user interfaces and configuration.

The fully comprehensive Front-end to Back-end Insurance Solution


• Multi-tenant
• Multi-language
• Multi-currency
• Single view of client

Insurance Segments

• Property and Casualty insurance
• Medical
• Life insurance
• Specialist products
(e.g. Aviation/Marine/Cyber etc.)

Insurtech modules

• Full Policy, Claims and Billing
• Usage-based (as-you-go coverage)
• On-demand (convenient cover)
• Parametric cover (insurance of uncovered risk)
• Micro-insurance (low-income insurance)

Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech

SKi® Platform

The SKi® platform together with the SKi® toolset is a powerful enabler for any insurance business looking for the right software platform to support their growth and strategic initiatives.

Connecting businesses

In recognising that insurers don’t operate alone, we’ve built integration layers that enable third-party integrations. This facilitates business operations across borders, so your partners have direct access to your core business via controlled access methods.

Powerful engine features

The true power of the platform lies in the architecture, into which we built the core insurance principles of our software.

SKi Features

SKi® supports all kinds of insurance businesses, from insurers and MGAs, to brokers and third-party administrators. It supports multiple product lines across personal commercial lines, as well as life and medical. Even contract subscriptions running for defined periods. Because we understand different businesses have different needs, SKi® comprises different modules, allowing you to pick and choose – and pay for – only the elements you actually need.


Enable your digital customer journey using SKi® APIs. One of the biggest benefits of using our SKi® product is its rich API layer. You know your customer best and with our APIs you can control the customer journey and user experience while we handle the back-end rating, policy admin and claims.

These features integrate

Reinsurance • Claims administration • Web portals • Bordereaux business • Comparative quoting • Multi-level commission structures • DocMail • Documents Management System • Dynamic Rating Engine • Accord Integration Ready • Claim aggregates • Financial and operational reporting • 4Web • GDPR Compliance

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